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"When You Hear The Sound" is the third release from the group, and you can clearly hear the various sources of inspiration and genres, that playfully intertwine throughout the album, creating a colorful mash-up that really comes to life, when the group hits the stage and performs live. 

The same colorful and lively approach is reflected on the album cover, hand painted by Japanese artist Tokyo, who also painted the two previous album covers for "The Get Away EP" (2011) and "Can We Get Hooked Up" (2013 ), which both received massive airplay on French radios like Nova and FIP as well as Swiss Couleur3. 

First single from this album is the slow, slightly dark but upbeat love song "New Religion" which premiered on Bitch Slap Magazine's website on April 7, 2017.

When You Hear The Sound VINYL

kr 90,00Pris
  • 1. New Religion
    2.  Invisible
    3. Put It In Reverse
    4. Fix Your Face 
    5. Take You Home
    6. When You Hear The Sound 
    7. Hurricane 
    8. Livin In A Bag 
    9. Famalam
    10. Babylon Is Burning
    11. Is It Too Late?
    12. One Day We Will All Be Free

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