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6-Panel 2-tray Digipack Limited Exclusive Luxury EditionCD - "W.A.I.T.T." albumDVD - 45 min Documentary + musicvideos 24 page booklet with lyrics, credits, song-by-song descriptions and photo-collage of the 3 day studio-session

Danish singer/songwriter Jonas is destined for a fulfilled life in music. How does one begin to describe Jonas? Many adjectives come to mind from sultry to charisma. Yet still none of these quite emphasize his contribution to the world of soul music. Following his debut album “Sweet Dreams Guaranteed” Jonas is now returning with “WAITT” 

“It’s very much inspired by the latest album by Al Green, which made me believe in soul music all over again.” – Jonas 


kr 185,00Pris
  • 1. Two Times Love Is One 
    2. Chariot
    3. Crash And Burn
    4. Balance On The End
    5. Electric 
    6. Hopes Are High 
    7. Light My Fire
    8. Not What You Want 
    9. Whisper 
    10. Sensational 
    11. My Trust In You 
    12. Time Is Working For You 
    13. Too Close Too Far 

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