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Jonas has felt inspired by the new wave of Soul/R&B, and having produced a large number of tracks in English his songs are now in Danish with completely new productions.

"In many ways it has been like I reinvented myself musically, although the various ingredients in the recipe feels familiar. But I’ve put it together in a new way, it tastes different. I really feel that I have found my own sound, which is also the first immediate reaction I get when I play it for my friends.” says Jonas. 

Jonas’s new collaborations include Ukendt Kunstner, Højer Øye, Tais (Hukaos), Lord Siva and others who contribute to his upcoming album. Moreover, it is also the first time that he officially jumps out as a producer, but with his brother Kalle Louai on the sidelines. 'Tror Du Nu På Kærlighed' is one of the songs Kalle and Jonas have made together.

“When we got started with my Danish songs, and I began to get a sense of this new R&B universe, this song was one of the first Kalle and I wrote together.”  Jonas continued. “It seemed natural to do something that was really sexy. The song is about daring to believe in love, in a way where you just allow yourself be swept away and seduced. It's all about trust and unconditional surrender."

Først Til Sidst CD

kr 90,00Pris
  • 1. Regnskabets Time 
    2. Tror Du Nu På Kærlighed
    3. Langt Fra Her 
    4. Dag Har Brug For Nat (feat. Højer Øye)
    5. Når Verden Ender
    6. Hvor Dit Hjerte Bor (feat. Ukendt Kunstner)
    7. Jeg Løber Bare (feat. Lord Siva)
    8. Først Til Sidst 
    9. Noget Tilbage At Slås For (feat. Jaleesa Johnson)
    10. Undskyld 
    11. Hvad Ingen Ved

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